By David Hannes

SEO Writing Advice From Creative Developments located in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

SEO Advice: In order to build a presence on search engines organically beyond the initial optimization and registration of your website you may want to consider content writing.

If you write about subjects revolving around issues relevant to a target market audience of specific geographic regions, this is what is going to help increase your analytics for those regions. If you write a tips and advice column and articles relevant to your and industry and to your targeted community, this helps build up your website’s organic presence. Your articles do not need to be  dissertations, 3 solid paragraphs and a resource box or footer paragraph for each article will work.

If you write your own articles Creative Developments can optimize them to be found on the web. We also collaborate with third party writing outfits that can research and write a series of original articles that we in turn can optimize on your behalf.

If you intend to write your own articles, think of 10-20 keyword phrases that you would like your site to be found under organically then write an article for each phrase and to a specific geographic region. If you don’t have the time to do this but would like to implement an article writing campaign we can request a quote from a content writing firm on your behalf or we ghost write your articles for you.

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If you are having writers block, follow this advice:

For more information about organic marketing please refer to the following two part article:

Alternatively you may wish to implement a YouTube Video campaign with organic marketing intentions:

This is what we recommend to build up a presence organically. An alternative option is to implement an Pay-Per-Click or Adwords campaign for specific keywords for the markets you are targeting.

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