By David Hannes.

Cont. from Part 1 of 2 on How to Develop a Web Presence on Search Engines Organically.

How to Develop a Web Presence on Google and Search Engines Organically - Part 2 of 2

When it comes to implementing a new organic marketing campaign, Creative Developments Internet Marketing Specialists located in Tempe, Arizona suggests optimizing all initial pages of a website, registering the site on search engines and local business directories and then giving the registered site a month or two to observe where the preliminary analytics level out.

The second thing we recommends is engaging in a blogging or article writing campaign. This is useful for two reasons, it informs the search engine that your site is active with lots of activity and it helps build multiple landing pages to your site. Web sites that are constantly active derive more attention and are seen more favorably by search engines than sites that are static and never changing.

Article Writing

Each blog article or post enables you to build up a database of targeted keyword phrases that your site may be indexed and found by. Every page, post and article published has the chance to act as a landing page into your website. These articles can be on any number of relevant topics including product reviews, opinion blogs on issues that are topical, informational how-to articles and event blogging for specific holidays like Easter or Memorial Day they all have the potential to draw traffic to your site beyond the initial pages of your website. Over time, as your landing pages grow, so too will the number of visitors to your site per day. It may not be an overnight process, but over time, it can bear fruit.

Example one: A pool cleaning company may have basic pages such as a Home page, an About Us page, a page for each service that they provide, a Locations page and a Contact page, but if the site owner follows that up by writing a series of informative blogs articles such as an article titled “how to clean a green pool” and optimizes that page specifically for “how to clean a green pool”, inevitably people who have green pools are going to query a search engine with that exact question. When they do, there’s a good chance they will find this informative blog article on the page of search results. Once visitors click on this blog article and enter into the site they may very well decide, “Hey, this company knows their stuff, I’ll call them”.

Example two:   A trauma therapist practice who engaged in a blogging campaign with Creative Developments wrote articles focused on topics of interest that they felt prospective clients may be interested in searching for. Beyond just optimizing their basic services pages for keyword phrases such as “trauma therapist in Mesa”, they also wrote articles such as “I don’t want to hate myself anymore” thinking along the lines of a depressed person typing that phrase into a Google search box at two in the morning, depressed.  The results; their website was found at the top of page one nationally without resorting to a geographic keyword anchor.

Note: if you are able to write and optimize 8 to 10 articles a month for at least 4 to 6 months you should see a marked improvement in your  organic search engine result page placement. Additionally, these articles may be re-utilized and syndicated in a comprehensive social media campaign.


An optimized, registered website with no activity may draw 5-10 visitors per day. That very same site, which engages in a blogging or article writing campaign proper optimized has the potential to draw 30-40 or more visitors per day organically without resulting in paying for this traffic via AdWords.

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