By David Hannes

How to Develop a Web Presence on Google and Search Engines Organically - Part 1 of 2

Organic Marketing

Recently a prospective client, interested in Creative Developments organic search engine page placement services in Tempe, Arizona, inquired “How many site visitors would you estimate me getting in a month” if we develop a web presence on search engines organically?

That is a loaded question. There are many factors to consider.

What is the nature of the business? Where is the location of the business? What are the local demographics?

An informational website should be seen as an extension of your business, internet marketing a way to generate traffic to your on-line presence. Creative Developments approaches an organic marketing campaign in stages. If all of your pages are optimized correctly then each page should include specifically targeted keyword phrases so that when the site is registered and indexed on search engines you have the opportunity to be found on Google, Yahoo and Bing for those keywords. That said your demographics will determine much of your success upon your initial launch.

Geographic Anchors

If you have an audio electronics store with only a dozen competitors in your area and your site is optimized for your targeted geographic location, chances are good you may land on page one for your targeted keyword phrases relevant to your business. If you search for “car audio in Tempe” in Google, you’re likely to find one of our clients,  This is due to the inclusion of a geographic anchor “Tempe” in the keyword phrase and the limited number of competitive sites for the category of business they serve.

Organic Marketing vs Pay Per Click

If one types in a simplistic search such as “car audio”, and your business is an audio electronics store, chances are your site will not be found unless you resorted to a Pay per Click (PPC) AdWords campaign. This is because there is no geographic anchor. the person triggering the search in this instance is not being location specific. If you are looking to have your site found for basic searches such as “car audio” or “dentist” or “therapist”, your best bet to be found is via PPC. That said often times when one does a search, they naturally add their geographic keyword in their search such as for a “dentist in Tempe”.  My personal preference is to develop an organic marketing campaign and only turn to AdWords if and when you need that extra traffic for very generalized keywords or keyword phrases.

Regional Competition

Regional competition and geography do matter when it comes to organic marketing. If a company is a dental practice in New York City, even if that company optimizes their site for the keyword phrase “dental practice in Manhattan”, they probably won’t have much luck being found on page one or two without first having a high page rank or engaging several months in a comprehensive, multifaceted internet marketing campaign.  Don’t be discouraged though. Most markets are not so competitive. If this dental practice was optimized for “dental practice in Great Neck, NY”, chances are, their site, if optimized, registered and indexed, can be found on search engines and local business directories. The reason is the different geographic regions have far different levels of competition for that particular business.

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