Social Media Management

We can manage your daily campaign for as little as $50 a week.

Social media management services available at Creative Developments located in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

At Creative Developments, located in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix, we offer a social media management (SMM) package specific to each client’s budget and needs.

Creative Developments can establish and maintain your online presence and further your marketing agenda on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other networks, managing your social media accounts. on your behalf.

Start-Up Campaign

Creative Developments offers a daily social media marketing campaign managed for as little as $50 a week or $200.00 a month.

Established Campaigns can be managed at a syndication rate of around $200 a month with additional costs invested in engagement and outreach campaigns.

For clients under a stricter budget we offer a bi-daily feed at half the weekly cost to schedule out campaign materials.

Initial development of a social media marketing campaign does come with one time, upfront costs including account setup for each social media account. These setup costs are offered free at costs with the signed commitment to a six month campaign.

This initial campaign provides clients with a daily feed of posts relevant to your business, 3 hours of campaign management a week or 12 hours a month.

Consider us your day and a half a month employee. Creative Developments can make certain that relevant campaign materials are scheduled out every day of the week and to focus some of the time to building up a Twitter following, a Facebook Fan Page fan base and follows on Google+ for business. We can manage inbox activity to your social media email account, which we can set up, and reply to those who communicate with your social media network. We can also monitor your campaign progress, making additional suggestions as goals are met or when additional campaign strategies or modifications are needed.

Additional social media management time is available on an hourly rate if you decide that your campaign needs more time allotted to it, be it for a specific campaign objective for a given month or for the scope of campaign in the long run.

Campaign Set-up

Social media management services available at Creative Developments located in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix AZ

Setting up an initial campaign includes a one-time additional start-up cost for clients that do not have their social media accounts set up or set up efficiently. These accounts include a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account for the business, a Google+ business page, a LinkedIn company page if applicable, a Pinterest account if applicable and a YouTube Channel as well as a Gmail associated with all accounts used by the social media director and a Hootsuite account ( for campaign scheduling.

We will also tie your social media accounts to your website so that visitors to your site can easily view your social media and interact with it.

Cost: $50.00 per account activated and set-up effectively.

Campaign Commitment

We recommend at least a six month commitment for any initial campaign. Campaign success, like a prize garden, takes time to grow and flourish. Twitter followers need to be accrued; Facebook Likes built up and word of mouth to spread. If your business commits itself to a custom tailored campaign, social media can bear fruit and be an effective marketing tool, providing a positive return on investment.

Campaign Commitment Discount

Creative Developments offer a 6 month campaign commitment discount. We offer FREE set-up and optimization of upwards of 3 initial social media accounts, set-up of your social media email, set-up of a Hootsuite account and we will tie-in your social media accounts to your website at no cost to you: A $250.00 value with a six month commitment you your initial campaign.

*Disclaimer: Social Media Campaign discount is provided to clients that commit in writing to at least a 12 hour a month campaign for a period no less than 6 concurrent months. If the initial campaign is suspended of discontinued by the client prior to the end of the initial 6 month period, a $250.00 set-up fee shall be billed to the client.

Campaign Materials:

Every day fresh and relevant content should be scheduled out to your social media network. Creative Developments helps to generate and schedule out this content using Hootsuite’s scheduling software and we can manage your social media accounts to best reach your campaign goals.

We may use source material provided by you. Examples include syndicating existing and new blog articles from your company website if available, posting out campaign materials such as flyers, coupons and other marketing materials, sending out notifications for sales, upcoming events and other announcements. We can also generate new material on your behalf as well as research, find and post out 3rd party content; articles and images and videos relevant to your business and overall campaign message.

Intermixing all of these materials we do our best to keep your daily feed relevant, informative and interesting enough so that people will actually want to Like and Follow your profile and feeds. We suggest that no more than 30% of each weeks content be related to sales and self-promotion and suggest you fill up the rest of the week by posting out informative articles about your business, product or service. Examples include reviewing a new product or service or offering daily news, tips and advice related to your area of specialization.

Also remember to be sociable. Ask people what they think of the new product that just came into your store or just hit the marketplace or opine on the hot new service available in your industry. Scan a sketch of the new design you came up with, post it out and ask your followers what THEY think of your new idea. They may just want the finished product if they feel they had a hand in its development in some small way. Be socially relevant. Get others involved in what it is that you do. The most important thing though is to mix things up. Don’t just post out the sale or discount of the day. That being said don’t forget to sell yourself either. There’s a perfect balance to be met when posting out to your social media accounts.