Video conversion and rendering at Creative Developments located in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale aVideo rendering and conversion at Creative Developments located in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix AZnd Phoenix AZ

Creative Developments editing facilities can take your old analog videos and Mini DV tapes and convert it into a digital file ready to be used for your video presentation.

We can batch capture and convert many source video types: MINI-DV, DVD, VCR, Hi-8 and other video formats and convert it to an .avi or .mov video format.

Once the source material is captured we can render out your video in a media format of your choice and deliver it to you as video ready to be played from a USB flash drive on your smart TV, as optimized streaming video for YouTube or Vimeo, even as a DVD that includes a title menus and chapters.

Price Estimates:

Batch Capturing (Mini DV): $25 for every hour of footage captured and converted.

Video Conversion from DVD/VOB, VHS & Hi8: $25 for every hour of footage converted from the source to digital video.

DVD Creation: $30 for the first DVD. $15 for each additional DVD (includes graphics for DVD case-holder)

Video Rendering for the Web: Covert your source digital video to a digital video format optimized to be uploaded and played on YouTube, Vimeo or as self-hosted media on your server.

Cost: $50 hourly to develop and upload your digital media to your video channel. Time is dependent upon the length of film, format chosen, size of exported video and file upload time. Discounts offered for high-volume projects. Learn more about video rendering for YouTube.