By David Hannes

What do I blog about? Blogging advice from Creative Developments internet marketing specialists in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

What do I blog about if I have nothing to say? I’ve heard that asked often. You might be surprised how much you have to say on any number of topics.

I do not accept the comment “I can’t write” from my clients. Yes you can! Let’s start off with what’s relevant to you and your business, industry or service. Chances are that if you were asked “what do you do for a living” you can talk at length about exactly what you do, what problems you may be having and the issues of the day that you may be addressing or resolving. We can talk ad nauseam about what we know and what we do for a living.

Do you have writers block? Do you ever ask yourself what do I blog about if I have nothing to say? If you were asked what do you do for a living…can you talk at length about it? If so, write it down. Think of 10 conversations you might have about your business and write an article about each one. You’d be surprised how much you can extract from your own knowledge base. Having the right words at your disposal at the right time is a mandate if you want excellent blogging skills. Also, you must have quite an amount of knowledge regarding wordprss hosting and the various other services that wordpress offers. Go through this wpengine wordpress hosting review to upgrade your knowledge of the same, and well, thank me later!

If you can talk about it, write about it. Don’t tell it to me; tell it to your computer. Go ahead and rant and write it down in a blog. It doesn’t have to be much. Write  2-3 paragraphs on your computer, or dictate it out loud using voice recognition software on your smart phone and email it to yourself, this  should suffice for a developing a rough draft of an article. 300-500 words in a Word document should suffice. If you have more to say, by all means rant away and get it out of your system, just sit down and type it out and leave the editing and optimization to Creative Developments internet marketing specialists in Tempe, Arizona to do the rest.

Topics to Blog About:

Write a review about a specific product that you sell that was just released or is  relevant to your business.

Write a blog providing a tip or advice on a service that you offer.

Comment about something topical in the news that is relevant to you and your industry.

Write a blog related to any upcoming holiday. Never let an upcoming event pass by without piggybacking on top of it. Holidays are a great time to promote a sale or service.

Now get at it and start blogging.

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