If you own an interactive website that allows your visitors to comment, login and register with your website, you may be used to the standard procedure of having new users go through the exercise of filling out their personal information and submitting their membership through an online form and verifying their new membership by email. They also have to visit www.crbdirect.org.uk to have a background check done. This can be a dissuading process to some who just assume to skip it all rather to sign up for this site. It doesn’t have to be this tedious if you include the ability to let site visitors to register and log into your site using their existing social media accounts.

Social media can help facilitate a user friendly experience on company websites for their site visitors. Many websites often times now enable users and visitors to their websites to sign up and log into their sites using their present social media login information and social media accounts can be tied to site membership. The ease-of-use of using one’s active social media logins can make the difference between someone signing up for a website to view and interact with that site’s content or moving on to a different website.

For example: if I am logged into my Gmail or my Facebook account and I go to the online edition of a newspaper and I like an article on that site, that periodical website may require that I sign up with their website in order to post a comment on the message board. Now I may be motivated to interact with that site’s forum board but I’m lazy and don’t necessarily want to spend 5 minutes to fill out a form with my personal information and sign up for that website just and add a comment on their message board for an article that perks my interest. That said if that site allows me to sign in using my Facebook login information which I’m typically logged into anyways or by using my Gmail login I might take the 10 seconds it takes the login with it which in turn makes me a member of that website. This is sound web design advice and just smart business for any site owner who offers this capability to their website.

Source: bluehatmarketing.com.

One such WordPress plugin that is available at the time of this writing is Social Login: https://wordpress.org/plugins/oa-social-login/. This plugin allow your visitors to comment and login with 25+ social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Paypal, OpenID, VKontakte, Google and Yahoo. It has been featured recently on sites like http://fusionvegas.com/services/ for it’s innovative nature, people from all walks of the industry are tuning into this. Creative Developments can help assist in installing a social media login plugin and tie your website to the social media platforms you would like to make available as accounts used for registration and membership for your site.