By David Hannes

Wordpress Tips and Advice by Creative Developments Web Design in Tempe Arizona

If you are using the Jetpack Mobile Theme to implement a response design solution for your website you may have noticed that every post has a Date and Time Stamp applied to the bottom of every article. This can literally “date” your website if your home page is built upon an architecture that utilizes posts. Learn how to remove the Date in the WP Jetpack mobile theme by following these simple steps:

Install Simple Custom CSS or similar plugin:

Simple Custom CSS is an easy-to-use WordPress Plugin to add custom CSS styles that override Plugin and Theme default styles.

Add this CSS rule to hides the post date:

.mobile-theme .entry-date {
display: none;

Simple Custom CSS Edit Screen

Note: .mobile-theme is the body class for the Jetpack Mobile Theme and .entry-date represents the date field.

That’s all there is too it. Try it out. Let us know how it goes.

How to Remove the Date and Time Stamp in the WP Jetpack Mobile Theme

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