By David Hannes

What is an LSI Keyword? A Latent Semantic Indexing keyword (LSI) is keyword that is semantically linked to a main keyword.

What is a LSI Keyword? A Latent Semantic Indexing keyword (LSI) is keyword that is semantically linked to a main keyword. In layman’s terms they are keywords that we generally find related to a main keyword.

LSI Keywords on Google Search Result Pages

Examples of LSI keywords may be found at the bottom of a Google Search Engine result page under “Searches Related To:

When I did a Google search for “web design”, the related words, highlighted in bold, were found at the bottom of a Google SERP page.

What are LSI Keywords? These are:

Searches related to web design

There are several LSI Keyword Generator tools and resources available online. You may find a list of 9 free LSI Keyword Research Tools that can help increase your Google traffic organically can be found here:

LSI Graph Keyword Generator

One resource that I like is provided by LSIGRAPH. This company offers a user friendly, free on-line LSI Keyword generator tool to develop LSI Keywords for your SEO content. You can find it at:

Results for a search for “web design in Tempe” using the online LSI keyword tool by LSIGraph generated these results:

  • web design az
  • web design arizona
  • design by theory
  • website design phoenix
  • scottsdale web designers
  • graphic design tempe
  • web design company
  • affordable web design services
  • phoenix web design company
  • custom website design phoenix
  • web design phoenix
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  • phoenix website design companies
  • phoenix web design firms
  • phoenix web developers
  • web design and web development companies in arizona
  • web design scottsdale
  • az web design
  • website design
  • design agency in arizona
  • phoenix design agencies
  • design studios phoenix
  • graphic design phoenix
  • web design studio
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  • scottsdale web development
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  • website designers in scottsdale az
  • app developer scottsdale
  • graphic design jobs
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  • top 10 website design companies
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  • web design company near me
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  • cheap web design packages
  • low cost website designing
  • affordable website design for small businesses
  • web design services for small business
  • tempe design
  • affordable websites
  • website design services
  • cheap wordpress website design

LSI keywords can be a very useful tool for SEO (search engine optimization) context and can be used for on-page optimization and to help search engines understand your content better.

Want another fine example?  Search for “LSI Keywords” at:

The first 5 results are:

  • lsi keywords generator
  • lsi keyword tool
  • lsi keywords finder
  • lsi keywords example
  • lsi keywords seo

LSI keywords can increase your organic search engine traffic and improve your ranking.

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