By David Hannes

WP Tips, Advice: I lost my SEO! Why Did My Website Lose its Metatags? Meta Tags Recently an internet marketing client at Creative Developments web design, located in Tempe, AZ, called me requesting help on her WordPress website. Apparently the pages of her site that were previously optimized no longer retained their title tags and meta tags and her analytics were dropping. “I lost my SEO!” she said “Why is my website no longer optimized? Why did my website lose its metatags?”

On the surface of things nothing seemed to be amiss. I optimized her pages and posts using the All in One SEO Pack plugin by By Michael Torbert in conjunction with the Category SEO Meta Tags plugin By Bala Krishna and each page, post and category configuration page had their tags in their proper place.

It had been a couple of months since I worked on this account, though, and the client had made several changes to her WordPress web site since I optimized her initial pages and posts. The quality blog content was changed a bit.

I tried an effective way to identify and resolve the issue by first disabling all plugins then reinitializing just the two SEO plugins to check to see if she was still incurring this problem. The problem persisted. I then uninstalled the present version of both the All in One SEO Pack plugin and Category SEO Meta Tags plugin, erasing all files from the server. Next I uploaded an older copy of each plugin, the versions that worked together when I first worked on this account. When I did, the client’s WordPress website once again displayed its tags.

So what happened? Well, the client had updated her plugins as prompted when updates became available. What she did not do was check to see if there was a readme file with installation instructions upon updating her WordPress plugins. If she had, she would have been informed that she needed to patch a file from the All in One SEO Pack plugin in order for it to work in conjunction with the latest version of the Category SEO Meta Tags plugin. 

Note: these two plugins are written by different authors.  The Category SEO Meta Tags plugin, although developed to work in association with the All in One SEO Pack plugin, is not produced by the same developers. This can cause incompatibility issues when one plugin is written to a specific version of the other plugin and that dependent plugin in turn has been updated with code modifications. The two plugins may no longer be compatible with each other on the outset. Additional file patching may be necessary in order to synchronize the two plugins.

Conclusion: Beware and be aware; back up your WP database and WordPress files before updating plugins, themes and the WordPress software itself and remember to view the readme documentation that may come with each plugin after each update. It was included with the plugin and its’ update for a reason.

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