Project Description

Wes Flinn RPT

Client Website:

Project Description:

This was both a redevelopment and expansion project. The client had two websites; a WordPress developed website and a FrontPage developed site. Creative Developments utilized the WordPress website, adopted from another developer, and expanded upon it, rebuilding all FrontPage web pages into the WordPress environment. Note: custom CSS has been used to give the imported FrontPage eBook its own identity as per the client’s request. These pages have a while color scheme.

The WordPress website uses the Responsive theme by CyberChimps. It is fully responsive. All pages have been optimized and registered on search engines for organic placement. The client’s business was registered on major local business directories by Creative Developments.

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 Social Media Campaign:

Creative Developments established and manages a daily social media marketing campaign for Wes Flinn RPT. Original content relevant to the client’s business and industry is written and posted out to the client’s social media accounts daily and scheduled out using Hootsuite on a weekly basis. Campaign includes account and email inbox maintenance, tracking and replying to reviews and accruing Likes from a targeted client base. Wes Flinn RPT has a social media presence on the following platforms, maintained by Creative Developments:

About the Client:

Wes Flinn RPT — Registered Piano Technician (RPT) is my business name. As an RPT, I provide full acoustic piano maintenance services to the central Phoenix AZ Valley, and maintain the Internet book “Piano Tuning Phoenix”, which is the largest piano owner maintenance website on the Internet. Business was established in Phoenix, AZ in 2001.