By David Hannes.

What is wrong with my WordPress website? If you own a WordPress developed website, chances are you’ll probably run into some sort of a problem that will make you ask yourself one question: What is wrong with my WordPress website? You may follow that up with a long list of expletives. Believe me, I’ve been there.

If your WordPress website is incurring display issues, page breaks, feed breaks, image uploading problems or other system glitches that just suddenly showed up, chances are you are incurring a problem stemming from one of two sources: an incompatible theme or plugin.

If you are incurring site structure related issues such as uploading an image file correctly, aligning an image properly, the most likely culprit is your active theme, specifically the style sheet.

Tip: default themes that are installed with WordPress was written with CSS tags that are tied together with the software.  If this code goes missing from cascading style sheet(s) within the theme you have installed, layout glitches and breaks may result. Try comparing style.css that is packaged with the default theme with your theme’s css. If any crucial lines are missing in your CSS that are called from WP, try adding them back to your theme’s style sheet code.

If you are incurring system glitches and page breaks, the culprit is more likely an incompatible plugin or update to it. The plugin may be incompatible with the theme, with an updated rev of WordPress or with other plugins. You can read this list to find other forms of themes.

An effective way to identify and resolve the issue is to first disable all plugins. (Note: you do not need to uninstall the plugin to do this). Then check to see if you are still incurring this problem. If not, you have confirmed that it is one of your plugins that is incompatible. Next, activate plugin one at a time, staring with the most passive plugins, testing to see if the site break is reintroduced after each plugin is activated. Once you have isolated the corrupting plugin, uninstall it and try to find an alternative plugin solution written by another author.

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