Web Content Writing and Transcribing Audio in Tempe Arizona near Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ

Web Content Writing

Web content writing and writing page content for a web site or for a blog may seem like a daunting task to the novice writer but developing your site’s written content is easier to produce than you may think. If you can converse with others about your area of expertise, then you can have your words transcribed by a ghost writer and then posted to your blog or website.

Transcribing Audio

Have your words transcribed by a ghost writer and then posted to your blog or website.

Obtain an audio recorder, start up a dialogue and speak upon your area of expertise as if you are being interviewed on the subject at hand. You may find it helpful to develop a list of questions and have someone read them back to you and participate in an interview process with you as you record your session.

If your web page is about lawn care maintenance, tell me about it. If you are a clinical therapist, describe to me how you go about treating your patients. If you are developing a blog on the state of the real estate market in the Phoenix area, let’s have a discussion about this topic.

I assume that you may have something to say about what you do for a living. Record your thoughts and Creative Developments can transcribe it. Tell your story and leave the writing to the ghost writer to edit it into an optimized series of articles or blogs.

Cost: $15.00 per page of transcribed audio (single line spacing).

About Ghost Writers

When it comes to finding a writer, rather than ask if a ghost writer has previous experience writing on a specific subject related to your field, the answer is probably no, assume instead that they are capable of taking the content of any subject and optimizing it into written words ready for the web. We learn to do this from the earliest years of middle school on any number of subjects and for ghost writers this is back of the hand stuff.