Google+ Relevance

Google+ Relevance

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What is Google+ and why is it relevant to my business?

Google is the world’s most popular search engine and business directory and a Google+ for business account is required for a business to be found on Google Maps search engine result pages.

Anyone who has ever done a search for a local business knows what a Google map is and what a Google pin looks like. If you don’t have a Google+ profile, you’re not on the map.  To anyone with a cell phone searching for a place on GPS, if your business is not found on the map…your doesn’t exist even if your business is located a block away from them. You are invisible by Google GPS.

Registering for a Google+ account is how a company appears in the business directory and “optimizing” a profile is how a profile ranks favorably on the results page. A Google Plus profile is organic and it should be optimized if you want your business listing to be found over other registered Google+ business listings for a similar keyword phrase.

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Google+ Optimize

Optimizing a Google+ page means engagement. It means accruing “follows” on your page, obtaining reviews, posting articles, developing collections (photo albums) and adding videos. Consult with a Google representative and he or she will tell you that the best way to help place your Google+ profile above other profiles locally in your area for your industry is to be proactive and optimize your profile.

Unlike some other social platforms, G+ business posts get indexed immediately into the search results on Google. Post to your profile often so that your profile may be ranked more favorably and above your competition.

What is Google My Business? Is it the same thing as Google Plus?

Google My Business (GMB) is the dashboard to the Google Local SEO platform. It is from this interface that you can control all the information that Google has about your business and manage your Google+ info. GMB provides Google users in your local area an easy way to connect with your business, especially if they do a mobile search. It is from here that you may manage your location, hours of operation, reviews and other information related to your company.

Note: Until 2017  Google+ was created automatically when a Google My Business page was created. As of 2018 Google has separated Google+ from Google My Business and considers them separate entities that work together.  Having both of these accounts set-up and optimized can place your business above your competition in SEO rankings.

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